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Testing helps to determine:

  • Professional interests — what do you want to do in your professional activities.
    • It allows you to answer the questions: in what organization to work better, what position and position will suit to a greater extent.
  • Professional ability — to determine the intellectual abilities and capabilities, their applicability to certain activities.
    • This makes it possible to understand which sides of the intellect are better to rely on and which ones make sense to actively develop.
  • Professional motivation — identify the main professionally important motives and needs that determine the way to build a career.
    • Allows you to determine what type of career development will maximize your potential.
  • Personality structure — to identify the personal traits and propensities (nature), which is the basis of a successful and true professional development.
    • It helps to find out in what field of activity you with your personal characteristics will be the most successful and satisfied.
  • Life settings — basic values, approaches to solving life problems; determining the ability and ability to independently find meaning and interest for themselves both in professional life and in General.
    • It helps to understand what life values you are guided by, making decisions about your professional future, and how they can affect your future life.

After passing the test by the method of “professional Career” you will receive a printout of the result, which includes:

  • individual school graphic profile with results for each measured quality test: professional interests, abilities, motivation, personal qualities, life attitudes;
  • chart showing the most appropriate types of jobs ;
  • chart showing the most suitable career types;
  • lists of professions that best meet the interests, abilities, motives, personal characteristics and life attitudes;
  • text description of results for all text indicators;
  • recommendations for development, recruitment and training.

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