College of Economics & Industrial Management named after V.A. Romenets

Митенков Алексей Владимирович

“Our College has always had a unique feature:
high educational standards based on the modern trends
of the world economy, entrepreneurship and management.
Our main goal is to give our students such knowledge and
skills that will allow them to be competitive in any environment.
We endeavor to prepare our students to meet and
exceed the requirements of their future employers.
We strive to train people in such a way,
that starting a career in a company or
 founding their own business,
they could immediately contribute and add value.”

Alexey Mitenkov, Head of the NUST MISIS College of Economics & Management

+7 499 237-16-14

The College trains economists and managers to have the highest qualification. Students get a progressive education in the field of engineering-economics, training which will become the foundation for their future career success.

The College is comprised of 3 departments:

  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Industrial Management
  • Department of Industrial Strategy

To obtain a Bachelor`s degree in every area of studies takes 4 years, while it takesan additional 2 years to obtain a master`s degree and 3 years to get a PhD. The College’sadmission requirements are some of the highest for NUST MISIS applicants. Not only is a high score on the Unified State Exam for mathematics, Russian language, and social studies important, but also creative thinking and a desire to study.

The purpose of educational & research activities of the College is to give its future graduates a competitive advantage in the labor market. To be a specialist in the field of economics of industrial management means to have an in-demand profession. To be a specialist in the field of business organization and management means to be qualified in the field of innovations, which means to be able to create a company and run your own business. To be a specialist in the economic program of the SAP system and to have dozens of certificates from this program by the end of the course means to have a fantastic chance of getting a well-paid job.