College of Economics & Industrial Management

“Our College trains economists and managers with professional skills.
You will get a progressive education, which can be converted into
a successful career. We are waiting for talented, inquisitive, honest,

modern students!”

Gennady Molchanov

Head of the NUST MISIS College of Economics & Industrial Management


+7 499 237-16-14

The College trains economists and managers to have the highest qualification. Students get a progressive education in the field of engineering-economics, training which will become the foundation for their future career success.

The College is comprised of 5 departments:

  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Industrial Management
  • Department of State & Municipal Management in Industrial Regions
  • Department of Business Informatics & Production Management
  • Department of Economics & Management of Small Business

To obtain a Bachelor`s degree in every area of studies takes 4 years, while it takesan additional 2 years to obtain a master`s degree and 3 years to get a PhD. The College’sadmission requirements are some of the highest for NUST MISIS applicants. Not only is a high score on the Unified State Exam for mathematics, Russian language, and social studies important, but also creative thinking and a desire to study.

The purpose of educational & research activities of the College is to give its future graduates a competitive advantage in the labor market. To be a specialist in the field of economics of industrial management means to have an in-demand profession. To be a specialist in the field of business organization and management means to be qualified in the field of innovations, which means to be able to create a company and run your own business. To be a specialist in the economic program of the SAP system and to have dozens of certificates from this program by the end of the course means to have a fantastic chance of getting a well-paid job.