College of Mining

“Modern miners are people who are able to ‘speak’
the same language
as the planet, using the latest technologies
for the production of new,
valuable components from the Earth’s
depths, from the bottom of the ocean,
and — in the near future —
from the surface of natural space objects.
Extraction of the most valuable and expensive underground
resources is
the basis of many countries’ economies,
so specialists-miners are one of the most demanded professions in the world!”

Alexander Myaskov

Head of NUST MISIS College of Mining

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The College of Mining became a part of NUST MISIS after the merger of two universities in 2014. It is one of the oldest institutes of higher education in the field of mining & engineering, and it traces its history back to 1918`s Moscow Mining Academy. For almost a century, the College has been one of the world`s scientific & educational centers training research and engineering personnel for the mining industry.

More than 50,000 engineers, over 4,000 Candidates of Sciences, and around 1,000 Doctors of Sciences have helped to make a huge contribution to the development of not only the Russian mining industry, but the mining industry of several countries over the course of the school’s existence. The highest level of professional training students from the NUST MISIS College of Mining receive is recognized on an international level. In March 2017 the QS World University Rankings by Subject: Engineering — Mineral & Mining, ranked NUST MISIS 30st overall in the subject.

Today, the College trains skilled personnel for the largest Russian and international companies engaged in the exploration, extraction, and processing of mineral resources. The College of Mining is comprised of 8 departments specializing in every activity area of mining enterprises.

The College also consists of several centers specializing in professional refreshment courses and the training of highly-qualified specialists (the Center for Strategic Management and Commodity Markets), the Laboratory of the Physics & Chemistry of Coal, and the Design & Expert Center.