Forms of contribution

Workshop contributions may come in the form of keynote talks with the invited speakers list currently under development, also in the forms of conference papers and posters that will be presented in the workshop. Paper and poster submissions will be peer-reviewed.

Papers are advised to be between 4 and 8 pages long. The authors of shorter papers are likely to be offered less time for presenting them in the workshop. Poster abstracts are advised to be one or two pages long.

There will be a smaller opportunity to demonstrate particular IT solutions and disseminate information about them (flyers). If you feel that your main or your only contribution may come in this form, please contact the Programming Committee as early as you can, to ensure that the workshop logistics can actually meet your demonstration requirements. The demo abstract should be submitted anyway and is advised to be one or two pages long.

The working language of the workshop is English. A few oral presentations may be delivered in Russian, with the corresponding slides and papers required to be in English.

Formatting requirements for your workshop submissions are common with the DAMDID conference and are published on the conference website