The workshop main topics are:

  • Databases and data repositories on experimental and simulated properties of substances and materials
  • National and international data infrastructures and data services in support of materials science
  • IT applications and IT platforms for materials design and simulation: quantum-mechanical, thermodynamical and other computation
  • Software tools for materials data management, data analysis and data visualization
  • High-performance computing as an infrastructure for materials advanced characterization and modelling
  • Text and data mining, knowledge discovery and machine learning in materials research
  • Data formats, metadata and ontologies in support of materials research, innovation and manufacturing
  • Extended articles, research objects, executable workflows and other novel means of knowledge representation and professional communication in materials research community (beyond plain publications and data repositories)

The workshop welcomes contributions focussed on other topics, too, as long as they clearly relate to the needs of materials research and development community and as long as they are underpinned by novel applications of information technology or computer science.

Contributions from industry and small business are welcome, along with those from research organizations and academia that are expected to be the workshop mainstream.