Preliminary program

Preliminary program
Phase equilibrium calculation by Cluster Variation MethodProf. Tetsuo Mohri,
Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University
Sendai, Japan
Fundamentals (4th July)
Phase Diagrams, PANDAT SoftwearProf. Rainer Schmid-FetzerGermany
Thermodynamic DataDr. Alan DinsdaleRussia
Problems with thermodynamic assessmentsDr. Ales KroupaCzech Republic
Microstructure Characterization ab initioProf. Igor AbrikosovRussia/Sweden
Experimental thermodynamicsProf. Herbert IpserAustria
Applications (5th July)
Applications of computational thermodynamics to steelmaking and processingDr. Andre Costa e SilvaBrazil
Calphad as a tool for steel development and processingDr. Bengt HallstedtGermany
Thermodynamic modeling of aqueous solutions — Mission impossible?Prof. Hannu SippolaFinland
Light alloys
Nuclear MaterialsDr. Christine GueneauFrance
FertilizersProf. Irina UspenskayaRussia
Aqueous Solutions
Solders and BrazesProf. Herbert IpserAustria
Phase equilibria, phase diagrams and phase stabilities in materials for green energy harvestingProf. Jean-Claude TedenacRussia/France
Thermodynamic Modeling of Aqueous Solutions — Mission impossible?Dr. Sippola HannuFinland
Application of the CALPHAD method for ferritic boiler steelsDr. André SchneiderGermany
Beyond Phase Diagram Calculation: Precipitation simulation of Multicomponent alloys by the CALPHAD Method
Fan Zhang USA