6th International Conference STRANN

The sixth biennial International Conference “State-of-the art trends of Scientific Research of Artificial and Natural Nanoobjects” will be held in Golden Ring Hotel Moscow, Russia, October 17–19.

STRANN conference provides an international forum on the research of material science, biotechnology and life-science nano-objects enabled by modern advanced microscopy and analytical techniques: high resolution and analytic scanning electron and ion microscopy, high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, atomic probe microscopy, combined microscopy-spectroscopy and related methods.

Interactive information exchange between the scientists in diverse research fields helps achieving a better understanding of complex aspects of nanoobject study and fascinating applications as well as existing state-of-the art methods and new approaches to overcome current and future challenges.

With a clear focus on academic research, an important goal of the STRANN conferences is the exchange of experiences and views with equipment developers, whose participation is strongly encouraged.

Please mind:

  • July, 16th is the deadline for your theses submission!

Date and placr:

  • 17.10.2018 — 19.10.2018
  • Moscow, Golder Ring, Smolenskaya St, 5