All-russian engineering contest CUP MISIS CASE

CUP MISIS CASE is an all-russian contest for the solution of engineering cases, organized by NUST MISIS.

This year cases will be presented according to different direction: engineering, strategic planning, solution of industrial problems, language and communications — all this with implementation of cutting-edge technologies, such as IoT, AI, Big Data, Machine Learning and others.

Selection tour of CUP MISIS CASE will be held online, that is why you can participate from any place on Earth: it is enough to upload the solution to the website.

The solutions will be estimated using such criteria as depth and complexity of the analysis, originality of the idea, logics, explanation of the solution and the quality of the final presentation. The winners will take part in the final events, competing for the prizes from NUST MISIS and partners:

  • additional points for admissions to NUST MISI ;
  • additional money to the scholarshi ;
  • trip to the Black Sea.

Submit your application to CUP MISIS CASE before October, 24th: