Complex Analysis course


On April 21, the NUST MISIS online course in English will start on one of the world’s leading open education platforms edX.

Complex Analysis course will show you how the theory of functions of a complex variable is applied in practice. One of the chapters of the course is devoted to the calculation of Fourier integrals, which are found in almost all engineering and scientific problems.

The course starts with the simplest examples of adding and multiplying complex numbers, and gradually becomes more complicated. The theory does not contain excessive formalism, abstract concepts are explained by simple examples.

For students of the College of New Materials and Nanotechnologies and the College of Information Technologies and Computer Sciences, the course “Theory of functions of a complex variable” is included in the compulsory program of the second year of the bachelor’s degree.

Participation in such courses is a great opportunity to improve your professional English. In addition, NUST MISIS students and staff have free access to a paid course track (obtaining a certificate, access to tasks and their solutions). To take the course, leave a request at the link.