NUST MISIS Centenary

In 2018, our University celebrated a century since its foundation: in September 1918, the decree of the Council of People`s Commissars on the formation of the Moscow Mining Academy was signed—an academy that would eventually become NUST MISIS.

Established during the chaos and famine of the Russian civil war, the Moscow Mining Academy overcame its obstacles, taking only a few years to be considered one of the country`s best technological universities. In subsequent years, high-quality education and relevant scientific research remained the University’s top priorities.

There are 25 People`s Commissars and Ministries from the Soviet Union and CIS countries among NUST MISIS’s alumni, 44 Academy members of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and RAS, as well as 49 Corresponding Members, Nobel Prize Winners, and laureates of the Lenin, the Stalin, and other state prizes who have worked and studied here. The University has also hosted 73 people named “Heroes of the Soviet Union” and “Heroes of Socialist Labor”, with A.P. Zavenyagin, A.A. Bochvar, and A.I. Tselikov awarded the honor twice, and E.P. Slavsky — three times.

Today, NUST MISIS is one of the country`s most dynamically developing research and education centers, where talented students, leading Russian and international scientists, and the best professors study and work. Our centennial history is a subject of immense pride for us. We are honored the memory of the people who created and developed our University, and that`s why we held a series of events as part of the University`s 100th anniversary. These events were designed to explore about the University`s role in the history of the country`s formation, age-old traditions of engineering education, and all the Russian scientists and statesmen who have studied and worked at NUST MISIS.

By beginning the next century in our history, we are confident that it will be no less glorious than the past one.

Our journey is just beginning!

Events of NUST MISIS