NUST MISIS enters the leading universities of Project 5-100

Following the recent meeting of the Council on Competitiveness Enhancement of Leading Russian Universities among Global Research and Education Centers, held from 18 to 19 March, NUST MISIS has officially been categorized as a part of the “first wave” group, which is recommended to receive funding levels to the amount of 900 million rubles.

NUST MISIS successfully justified its „roadmap”: the results the University presented were highly valued by the Council, with a particularly note regarding the achievements in the field of science.

The strategic development plan implemented by NUST MISIS has so far paid dividends. Today, NUST MISIS is among the leading universities of Project 5-100 in the number of publications in leading scientific journals, and is first among Russian universities in the number of publications in the materials science field.

To continue to improve the quality of education and overall experience at NUST MISIS, the transition to the University’s next stage of development has begun.

„The achievements demonstrated by NUST MISIS in the field of research and scientific activities prove the great work done by our University`s team. According to the International Council experts NUST MISIS is developing dynamically and ranks well among the leading universities in Russia. NUST MISIS is planning to develop the strategic academic units proposed at the end of 2015”, said Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS.

NUST MISIS has developed five strategic academic units (StrAUs), the aim of which is to improve the efficiency of the University`s activities and to further integrate the University into international academic space. The work of the StrAUs will be led by a team of world-leading scientists: Professor Igor Abrikosov, Professor Alexey Ustinov, Professor Anvar Zakhidov, Professor Dmitri Golberg, and well as many others. The implementation of the StrAUwill directly meet some of the global challenges of the 21st century—sustainable development, health preservation, and safety of life.

The NUST MISIS five strategic academic units:

1. „Materials Design” (Metamaterials and Post-Silicon Electronics). Leaders: Igor A. Abrikosov, Alexey V. Ustinov.

2. „Future Energy” (Autonomous Energy and Energy Efficiency). Leaders: Anvar А. Zakhidov, Sergey V. Morozov.

3. „Quality of Life” (Materials and Technologies for Extending Life Expectancy and Improving Overall Quality of Life). Leaders: Dmitry V. Golberg, Efim A. Khazanov.

4. „Hi-Tech Moscow” (Industrial Design and Engineering Technologies ro Reindustrialise teh Economy). Leaders: Igor Y. Smurov, Vladimir V. Pirozhkov.

5. „Green Tech” (Green Technologies for Efficient Resource Use). Leaders: Leonid M. Kustov, Alexander A. Karabutov.

However, the members of the Council on Competitiveness Enhancement of Leading Russian Universities among Global Research and Education Centers have extended their support to the NUST MISIS development plan beyond the fields of science and technologies. NUST MISIS’s initiative for the creation of the „cross-cultural collider” on the basis of Commune House, one of the University`s residence hall complexes created in a reconstructed building from the constructivism era, has been broadly supported and highly valued by Project 5-100. The collider is not only to become the most comfortable space for students to live and study, but also a hotbed of creativity and innovation, fostering the grand ideas and student start-ups of tomorrow.

In addition, students will get the chance to witness the StrAU’s implementation in real time. The electricity they will use every day, generated from photovoltaic cells, will directly stem from the scientists and students of StrAU2.