Scientists Develop Self-Dissolvable Antibacterial Bandages

An international team of scientists from the National University of Science and Technology “MISIS”, the Central European Institute of Technology and several other universities has developed a biocompatible material with antibacterial properties. The material is planned to be used for bandaging of wound skin, for example, burns and cuts. Such bandages will have a prolonged effect, act locally and, most importantly, will not require changing. The material is self-absorbable, and a new bandage can be put directly on top of the old one. The article about the research is published in Materials and Design.

NUST MISIS Strengthens Its Positions in the RA Ranking “RAEX Analytics”

NUST MISIS has improved its positions in Russia`s TOP-100 Universities in two of three indicators — “The level of demand for university graduates by employers” and “Level of university`s research activities”, rising from 31st to 27th and from 16th to 14th, respectively. The Ranking is comprised by the RAEX-Analytics ranking agency.

Transporting the Light Killers: Scientists Create a Unique Tandem of Organic Molecules and Nanoparticles to Fight Cancer

A team of materials scientists from NUST MISIS together with a team of chemists from MIREA-Russian Technological University have managed to combine a photosensitizer molecule (a converter capable of transmitting the energy of light quanta, available in living tissues, into oxygen and turning it into an active form and highly active radicals, which have a cytotoxic effect) with a magnetic nanoparticle to create an innovative therapeutic system to combat cancer. The nanoparticle is a controlled “locomotive” which researchers have learned to deliver locally to a tumor and track by MRI, and as a therapeutic component, the photosensitive molecule serves as an effective liquidator of pathology. The study results have already been tested in-vivo and published in the international scientific journal Journal of Colloid and Interface Science.

NUST MISIS Branch in Uzbekistan Hosts First International Scientific-Practical Conference

On December 12th, 2018, the NUST MISIS branch in Almalyk (Uzbekistan) hosted the international scientific-practical conference “Problems, Solutions and Prospects for Development for Vanyukov`s Process”. The signing of a cooperative agreement between NUST MISIS and the Scientific-Research, Design & Engineering Institute of Mining & Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals took place at the conference.

The NUST MISIS College of Economics & Industrial Management to Be named After Vladimir A. Romenets

This decision was made during the NUST MISIS Academic Council meeting held on December 12th, 2018. NUST MISIS will also establish a scholarship program for students and a grant for professors named after Vladimir A. Romenets. The university has also planned a corresponding international conference on “Economics in Industry” for some point in the future.

Metal Cells to Reduce Weight of Spacecraft and Personal Vehicles

NUST MISIS engineers have proposed an innovative strategy of an additive printing of metal parts in a complex shape: the discovered ability to print cellular structures in their basis will reduce the weight of these metal parts and give them special properties. The new additive printing will cut the metal parts’ weight in half, while allowing them to maintain their strength. This is extraordinarily promising for engineering vehicles and space crafts.

The NTI Centers for Competences to Participate in the Technical Regulation of New Markets

The NTI Centers for Competences, created on the basis of SkolTech, NUST MISIS and ITMO University, will be participating in the development of technological standards and the preparation of market and technological expertise in the NTI and digital economy spheres. A series of relevant agreements between the Centers and the “Cyber-Physical Systems” Technical Committee on the basis of RVC were announced as part of the “NTI Ecosystem” Forum held in Sochi.