Silicon Paradox: NUST MISIS Scientists Discover “Impossible” Material according to the Laws of Modern Chemistry

An international team of physicists and materials scientists from NUST MISIS, Bayerisches Geoinstitut (Germany), Linkoping University (Sweden), and the California Institute of Technology (U.S.) has discovered an “impossible” modification of silica-coesite-IV and coasite-V materials, which shouldn’t exist if modern laws of Chemistry are correct. Their structure is an exception to the generally accepted rules for the formation of chemical bonds in inorganic materials formulated by Linus Pauling, who won the 1954 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for that discovery. The research results were published in the international scientific journal Nature Communications on November 15th, 2018.

From Implants to Monitors: Magnetic Amorphous Metal Wires Point toward Imbedded Microthermometry

Materials scientists from NUST MISIS led by Professor Larisa Panina, Doctor of Physical & Mathematical Sciences, have demonstrated that microwires based on magnetic amorphous metals can be used for embedded temperature sensors. The impedance (complex resistance) of such materials is very sensitive to temperature fluctuations, and its behavior at different frequencies can significantly vary. The research paper has been published in the Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials.

Making Cities Smart: NUST MISIS Hosts the “UrbanTech” Forum

On November 8th and 9th, 2018, NUST MISIS together with the Center for Competences on Urban Environment Issues, a part of the Russian Ministry of Construction, held the all-Russian “UrbanTech” forum. The event was held as part of the Intersec Forum Russia — an event dedicated to the development of the “Smart City” concept — building automatization and safety control in residential and office premises.

NUST MISIS Professor — Winner of the Scopus Awards Russia 2018

Professor Anvar Zakhidov from NUST MISIS is one of the most cited Russian scientists according to Scopus. The information & analytical company Elsevier, which specializes in science and medicine, announced the names of the most cited scientists according to Scopus’s abstracts and citations from the peer-reviewed scientific literature database. The list includes 19 Russian scientists.

NUST MISIS Included in the Group of Leaders of Project 5-100

On October 26th, 2018, NUST MISIS presented the University`s development strategy at the meeting of the Council on Global Competitiveness Enhancement of Russian Universities among Global Leading Research and Education Centers (a.k.a. Project 5-100). The results of the “roadmap’s” implementation were highly valued by the Council’s experts, and NUST MISIS was lauded as one of the group’s leaders.

BIRTH OF A HYBRID: High-Temperature Synthesis under Pressure Helps to Combine Properties of Metals and Ceramics

Materials scientists from NUST MISIS and the Merzhanov Institute of Structural Macrokinetics & Materials Science have developed a new method for producing bulk MAX-phases — layered materials which simultaneously possess the properties of metals and ceramics. By combining the methods of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis and high-temperature shear deformation, it was possible to obtain sufficiently large samples of mixed titanium and aluminum carbide, which in the future can be used as high-temperature heating elements, according to the research paper published inCeramics International.

The NTI Center for Competences to Work on Russia`s Secure Communications

On October 31st, 2018, NUST MISIS hosted the opening ceremony of the National Center of Technological Initiative for Quantum Communication technology. Improvement of quantum communications facilities, training world-class specialists in the field of quantum engineering, research in the field of quantum network vulnerability, and the creation of quantum communication systems for satellites are among the Center’s main responsibilities. The center’s financing through 2022 will amount to 2 billion Rubles.

An Open Dialogue: NUST MISIS Hosts Open Rectorate

On October 31st, 2018, NUST MISIS hosted an “Open Rectorate” meeting with University management and students. Some of the main topics discussed at the event were the organization of practical trainings and internships, the employment of graduates, scholarship programs, and the integration of scientific and educational activities.

NUST MISIS Takes 52nd Place in QS Emerging Europe & Central Asia

NUST MISIS has improved its positions in the QS Emerging Europe & Central Asia Ranking (EECA), rising five positions from 57th to 52nd. For the 5th year in a row, the University has shown positive dynamics by improving its ranking, which is up 20 points since 2014. According to the results of the new ranking, NUST MISIS is now in the top 16% of universities from the 42 countries participating in the ranking.