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NUST MISIS Successfully Defends the Project 5-100 Roadmap

On March 17th, 2017, NUST MISIS presented the strategy of the University`s development at the meeting of The Council on Competitiveness Enhancement of Leading Russian Universities among Global Research and Education Centers. The strategy’s 2016 results, presented by NUST MISIS, received high praise from the Council`s experts.

How Fullerite Becomes Harder Than Diamond

Physicists have simulated the structure of a new material based on fullerite and single crystal diamond to show how this material can obtain ultrahigh hardness. This discovery allows the estimations the potential conditions for obtaining ultrahard materials. The results were published in the Carbon journal.

NUST MISIS Prominent in QS World University Rankings by Subject

For the first time, NUST MISIS has entered the QS World University Rankings by Subject and is now featured in 4 of 46 subjects featured in this year`s edition: Engineering-Mineral & Mining, Materials Science, Physics & Astronomy, and Engineering-Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing. Among these four subjects, NUST MSIS ranked best in Engineering-Mineral & Mining, taking 31st among all universities in the ranking. Among all of the university-participants of Project 5-100, NUST MISIS is the only university present in the Engineering-Mineral & Mining and Materials Science rankings.

NUST MISIS to join the world`s academic elite by 2020

NUST MISIS has confirmed its position as the leading scientific and educational center in the field of materials science in Russia. The international consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers has announced such results on the NUST MISIS Supervisory Board meeting.

Liberalization of education discussed at NUST MISIS

NUST MISiS hosted the meeting of Philip G. Altbach, member of the International Council under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, with the university`s administration to discuss liberalization of higher education.

NUST MISIS Opens Lab to Develop Anti-radiation Coatings & Catalysts for Gas Processing

NUST MISIS allocates 120 million rubles to open two new laboratories within the Academic Excellence Program among Russian universities “5-100.” The winning laboratories will deal with developments in the field of new materials. Research teams will be led by Professor Akihisa Inoue (University Educational Corporation “Josiah”, Japan) and by Professor Leonid Kustov (Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russia).