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Silicon Paradox: NUST MISIS Scientists Discover “Impossible” Material according to the Laws of Modern Chemistry

An international team of physicists and materials scientists from NUST MISIS, Bayerisches Geoinstitut (Germany), Linkoping University (Sweden), and the California Institute of Technology (U.S.) has discovered an “impossible” modification of silica-coesite-IV and coasite-V materials, which shouldn’t exist if modern laws of Chemistry are correct. Their structure is an exception to the generally accepted rules for the formation of chemical bonds in inorganic materials formulated by Linus Pauling, who won the 1954 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for that discovery. The research results were published in the international scientific journal Nature Communications on November 15th, 2018.

Scientists Create “Impossible” Materials in Simple Way

Scientists from NUST MISIS and colleagues from the University of Bayreuth, the University of Münster (Germany), the University of Chicago (U.S.), and Linköping University (Sweden) have created nitrides, a material previously considered impossible to obtain. More amazing, they have shown that the material can be obtained using a very simple method of direct synthesis. Articles about the revolutionary research results have been published in Nature Communications and Angew Chem Int Ed.

Supercomputer Super Modeling: World-Leading Materials Scientists -Theorists Come to NUST MISIS

World leading experts in the field of computer modeling, together with NUST MISIS’s young scientists, recently convened to discuss the problems stemming from the calculations of complex structures and ways to solve these problems as part of the 3rd International Conference on Electronic Structure Theory for the Accelerated Development of Materials: A New Tool in Materials Science.

Professor Igor Abrikosov to Hold Lectures at NUST MISIS

From September 4th, 2017, to November 20th, 2017, at NUST MISIS, Professor Igor Abrikosov, Head of the NUST MISIS Laboratory for Modeling and Development of New Materials, Professor of Linköping University, will hold a series of lectures in Electronic Structure Theory. The lectures will be held in English via Skype.

NUST MISIS Supercomputer Calculates Paths in Quest of New States of Matter

Through the application of quantum mechanical modelling calculated with the use of computational capability, the Laboratory for the Modeling and Development of New Materials (NUST MISIS) research team, led by visiting professor I. Abrikosov (Linkoeping University, Sweden), theoretically substantiated the results of a unique experiment conducted earlier by Bayreuth University (Germany) scientists on metallic osmium compression under the extreme pressure of more than 7.7 million atmospheres.

NUST MISIS Super Computer Ranking Up

According to the results of the updated Top-50 Supercomputers ranking among CIS countries on 31.03.2015, the NUST MISIS supercomputer moved up 8 positions and now ranks 41st.