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Autodesk Implements Enhancement for Fusion 360 Created by NUST MISIS FabLab Engineers

A group of young engineers from NUST MISIS’s FabLab has presented the unique Addin script for Autodesk`s Fusion 360. This is a generator for an automated simulation and design of boxes with specified dimensions that can be manufactured using laser cutting or milling. The project idea took 1st place at the FORGE FOR UNIVERSITIES competition held during the Autodesk Hackathon festival.

NUST MISIS FabLab Master`s Degree Students Present Installation Created Under Direction of Professor Giuseppe Fallacara, Maestro of Architectural Design

At the NUST MISIS FabLab, graduates of Russia`s first Master`s Degree program “Materials & Technologies of Digital Production” have presented their results of the #MANTACANOPY project, which was implemented under the leadership of Professor Giuseppe Fallacara, a maestro of architectural design from the Polytechnic of Bari (Italy).

Super Headlights for Motorcycles: 30% Increase of Illumination in Darkness

Alexander Nikitin, a graduate student in the NUST MISIS master`s degree program “Materials and Technologies of Digital Production” has created a prototype for a unique motorcycle headlight, which is able to illuminate roads in darkness with a light beam angle of 120 degrees. The headlight is equipped with electronics that allows the rider to change the shape of the light beam depending on the inclination of the motorcycle, thereby reducing the risk of accidents in the dark.

NUST MISIS Holds the First Mini Maker Faire in Russia

On July 9th & 10th, 2016, for the very first time in Russia, NUST MISIS hosted the Moscow Mini Maker Faire, the world`s most famous festival of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness. Moscow Mini Maker Faire — 2016 was organized under the international license of Maker Media, the famous founder of the maker movement.