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Silver Nanoparticles and Boron Nitride to Help Get Rid of Carbon Monoxide Emissions

Russian chemists from NUST MISIS have developed a new hybrid catalyst for carbon monoxide oxidation consisting of hexagonal boron nitride and silver nanoparticles. This material makes it possible to get a full conversion of carbon monoxide at only 194 degrees Celsius. As stated in the Journal of Catalysis, this temperature is nowhere near the process’s record temperatures, but in the future, chemists can reduce the temperature of catalysis more by increasing the concentration of silver in the hybrid material.

NUST MISIS Scientists First in the World Learn How to Create Two-Dimensional Materials with Controlled Semiconductor Properties

Humanity already knows how to turn light into electricity and how to create batteries without chemical reactions, but these devices have very low efficiency. Nanomaterials based on two-dimensional structures show the most promising characteristics, however they are very difficult to obtain, and scientists struggle to control their properties.

Pavel Sorokin Wins the Scopus Award Russia 2015

Pavel Sorokin, Senior Researcher of the “Inorganic Nanomaterial” Laboratory, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences on “Condensed Matter Physics,” received the Scopus Award Russia 2015 in the “Young Scientist” category.