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Quantum Biology: Superconducting Qubits Help to Explain Photosynthesis

An international team of quantum physicists have learned how to simulate processes which can help to decipher the mechanisms of photosynthesis. By creating a system based only on a single superconducting qubit at almost absolute zero temperature, scientists have managed to propel the quantum mechanical modeling of natural processes to a new level. The research article on the results was published in NatureCommunications.

NUST MISIS Students Create the World`s First Compact Anechoic Chamber for the Metamaterials Study

A group of NUST MISIS students leading by Dr. Alexey Basharin, an Associate Researcher from the NUST MISIS Laboratory of Superconducting metamaterials, has created the first compact anechoic chamber for the study of metamaterials. This chamber is currently unique. It can not only carry out measurements with high precision, but also is significantly cheaper than the industrial counterparts.

NUST MISIS Researchers Discover New Type of Waves

A team of researchers from NUST MISIS Laboratory of Superconducting metamaterials led by Professor Georgios Tsironis, used quantum approaches to gain a theoretical insight into the characteristics of a quantum superconducting metamaterial.

Russia Is Joining the World Race Towards Quantum Computer Creation

Scientists from leading universities and scientific centers actually created the first in Russia superconducting qubit necessary for the quantum computer creation. A group of researchers led by Alexey Ustinov (NUST МISIS, Russian Quantum Center), Oleg Astafiev (MIPT) and Valery Ryazanov (Institute of Solid State Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences) worked on this project. Alexey Ustinov shared his comments on this outstanding invention.