NUST MISIS to Train Specialists for EuroChem`s Potash Plants

NUST MISIS and EuroChem have signed a general agreement of long-term cooperation to institute a training program of highly skilled specialists in the field of mining & technology, as well as the implementation of fundamental and applied research in mining & engineering works.

EuroChem is Russia`s largest artificial fertilizer producer, and one of NUST MISIS’s key business partners. NUST MISIS and EuroChem have been partnering since 2008 on several educational directions: placements and internships for students, scholarships, and specialized education programs. Today, 60 employer-sponsored students from EuroChem study at NUST MISIS.

“The collaboration between NUST MISIS and EuroChem is a great example of successful cooperation between university and business in the fields of education and training of professional personnel. EuroChem and NUST MISIS are the founders of the business cases championship, which is now held nationwide — in 2016 66 universities participated in it. Last year EuroChem also became the university`s partner on the organization of the United Interuniversity Mathematics Olympiad — to support the school Olympiad movement, EuroChem held the Olympiad in the regions of its presence”, said Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS.

NUST MISIS and EuroChem have identified the enterprise`s recruitment needs in subject matter specialists by 2021. Most of note, the company is ready and willing to take 400 students for internships and placements, and send over 1000 employer-sponsored students to the university.

“In the near future EuroChem will launch a production of potash fertilizers in Volgograd and the Perm regions. Implementation of potash projects is one of our company’s strategic priorities for our development. As a result, EuroChem’s new plants will need highly qualified specialists, whose joint training will become NUST MISIS`s first priority under our newly-signed agreement. We are proud to partner with one of Russia`s leading technological universities, and we hope for the successful implementation of our joint research and development projects”, said Igor Schelkunov, Administrative Director at EuroChem.

According to the parties` agreement, NUST MISIS will develop a specialized program for the training of future experts. The company`s representatives will be able to participate in the selection of the best students who will continue their education and after graduation will be hired to work at EuroChem`s plants.