MBA for Miners

On September 25th, 2017, the “Strategic Management on Mining Field Enterprises” MBA program, designed to train senior managers for the mining field, started at NUST MISIS. The program has become a joint project of the Interuniversity Educational Center, consisting of MGIMO University, NUST MISIS, and the Non-Commercial Partnership for Mining Industry Development Assistance.

The program is designed to last 2 years (6 academic modules, 2 weeks each), and will take place at both the NUST MISIS Interuniversity Center for Strategic Management and Conjuncture of Commodity Markets and at an MGIMO University site. The educational process will not only involve time with top professors from NUST MISIS, MGIMO University, HSE, RANEPA, and other universities, but also with representatives of the business community, industry research &analytical organizations.

Employees from SUEK, Russian Coal, SIB Anthracite, Kuzbass Coal, South Coal Company, and Karakan Invest have already become the program’s first students.

Anatoly Yanovsky, the Deputy Minister of Energy, emphasized the urgent need to train modern qualified managers for mining industries during his speech at the opening ceremony, “This is a strategically and systematically problem, and without its decision, there will not be future prospects for either industry or companies.”

According to Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS, “As a leading university in Russia in the fields of materials science, metallurgy, and mining, NUST MISIS has throughout its almost century-long history been closely associated with production, and today, our University is responding to the urgent needs of the business community. The creation of the Interuniversity Educational Center jointly with MGIMO University and Karakan Invest has become a new step in the training of professional personnel in Russia’s mining field, and the MBA program ‘Strategic Management on Mining Field Enterprises’ has become the first academic program launched within the Center’s frames. Our aim is to prepare managers who can face the challenges of the future and who will have the necessary abilities that will allow them to manage leading enterprises and compete within the industry.”

In addition to the knowledge of management and economic disciplines, modern specialist-managers in the commodity industries must have extensive knowledge of mining technologies, as well as the latest expertise in the fields of international economic relations and how the world’s energy markets function. Modern managers must be able to develop optimal management decisions when making decisions about a company`s strategic development, while also taking macroeconomic trends into account and assessing the impact of geoeconomic processes for regional projects.

According to Georgy L. Krasnyansky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Karakan-Invest group of companies, and the man who initiated the creation of the Interuniversity Educational Center, “Today and here, it is very important to quantitatively evaluate existing and future treats and trends, as well as to understand the extent of their impact on any specific mining enterprise. It is very difficult, and that is why we have launched this program.”

“For more than 20 years of MBA programs, MGIMO University has developed a pool of skills which we’ve implemented into our mining MBA programs. In a relatively short amount of time we will give our students knowledge and abilities connected to foreign languages, analysis of international markets, and the international political environment. Our aim is to teach managers to communicatethe world experience into Russia, its regions, and also into each company”, said Artem Malgin, Vice-Rector at MGIMO University.