NUST MISIS, SkillFactory and Group Launch the First Russian Online Master’s Program in Data Science

EdCrunch University by NUST MISIS and SkillFactory, the leading educational platform in the field of Data Science, have launched a joint online master’s program “Data Science”. This is the first time in Russia that a private educational company partners with a state university using the OPM (online program manager) model. The program’s industrial partner is Group. The program is also supported by NVidia, Rostelecom and University 20.35.

Graduates will be able to work in the fields of Big Data Engineering, Machine Learning Development and Artificial Intelligence Development. The goal of the program is to involve more than 1,000 young professionals in the field of Data Science by 2025 within the framework of the Federal project “Personnel for the digital economy”, which aims to teach at least 120,000 IT-specialized university graduates.

Classes will be taught by NUST MISIS professors and also by practitioners from Group, Yandex, Tinkoff and VTB, Lamoda, BIOCAD, AlfaStrakhovanie, etc. An intensive online master’s program will allow students to master the knowledge and skills demanded by employers, build a solid base for further development and building a successful career, and pass an internship in partner companies.

“The interdisciplinary master’s program ‘Data Science’ was created by NUST MISIS together with the educational market’s leader in the field of Data Science SkillFactory, and high-tech companies Group, Rostelecom and NVidia. The graduates will master knowledge and competencies in the field of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Today these skills are highly relevant in the job market and are in demand by leading employers”, comments Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS.

Another feature of the program is work with mentors. In addition to professors, a team of mentors, Data Science specialists, will work with students. They will help students to overcome the difficulties arising during training, give meaningful feedback on the work performed, share experience and professional knowledge. Communication with the mentors will be performed via real-time chat.

SkillFactory, a company that provides support for the educational process, has become a technological partner of the program. An individual education plan will be formed for each student, which will allow managing students’ educational experience and motivation, thus increasing the effectiveness of education. Students will study on interactive simulators and solve practical problems based on real data. Among the disciplines within the program are Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, Computer Vision.

“We believe in the OPM model (Online Program Manager), the interaction of universities and educational companies in the creation and implementation of innovative educational programs. This model has been successfully operating in the USA and Europe for more than 10 years, and we are sure that it will also show excellent results in Russian universities in the coming years. We are pleased to bring this new practice to Russia and help EdCrunch University of NUST MISIS to make the first Russian-language online master’s program in Data Science,” commens Alexander Eroshkin, the CEO of SkillFactory.

“The training of specialists in Data Science is one of the key areas in the educational activities of Group. We implement various formats, including the development of competencies of professionals who are already working in this area. We are closely cooperating with NUST MISIS in this area: last year we opened the MADE Big Data Academy, where 200 students from all over the country are already studying, and we are ready to share our experience in support of the university’s online master’s program. There are many advantages to the online format, but the main thing is accessibility. Now residents of any region will be able to get a master’s degree at a Moscow university,” said Dmitry Smyslov, the Vice-President for human resources and educational projects at Group.

Graduates of any bachelor’s degree in any field of study will be able to enter the master’s program according to the results of the online exam. Admission is open until August 10.