#EdCrunch2018 Presents: Yu-kai Chou, Gamification Guru — “Learn with Games!”

Yu-kai Chou, world-renowned expert in gamification, guru of behavioral design, creator of the 8 Core Drives “Octalysis” and the author of “Actionable Gamification: Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards” will give a lecture at the 5th annual #EdCrunch conference, Europe`s largest international conference on educational technologies, taking place in Moscow on October 1st and 2nd, 2018. He will talk about how to improve the efficiency of studies by playing.

Broadly speaking, gamification is the use of game-specific approaches in non-game processes. Yu-kai Chou started his career as a “hardcore gamer”: it didn’t matter what game he was playing either, the main thing for him was to win. Realizing that victories didn’t bring him satisfaction anymore, he decided to incorporate his practical experience into the theoretical by developing and proving a scheme consisting of 8 main motivation factors, as well as tools for their analysis. Today, the “octagon + analysis” structure is actively used in education, health, physical training, personal training, marketing, and industrial design to increase user activity, motivation, and return on investment.

“It is no secret that humans learn most effectively through play and fun. Kids who memorize all the stats and counter-plays of card games like Magic the Gathering or Pokémon actually retain more information [about those games] than [they do] the periodic table. But how can we apply the right practices to create the best and most enjoyable learning experiences? The motives of a kid are simple and clear and are easier to track. As we grow up, our vision of the world becomes much more complex, but the key motivations that drive us to do something remain the same. Unfortunately, things that adults are required to do are usually the most boring and tedious. If there is a chance to make [these tasks] more fun, then why not? It’s here [where] gamification helps us. By making workflow and information searches a source of pleasure, you help people doing their job feel better”, said Yu-kai Chou.

Yu-kai Chou was rated #1 among the “Gamification Gurus Power 100” by RISE and has also won the “Gamification Guru of the Year” award several times. Yu-kai Chou has done consulting work for massive companies like LEGO, Sberbank, Volkswagen, Porsche, Accenture, eBay, Huawei, Cisco, and many others.

During #EdCrunch2018, Yu-kai Chou will introduce his world-renown Octalysis Framework and teach participants how to apply the 8 Core Drives that motivate people to learn something new and apply it in practice. “The guru” will share his knowledge on how to increase student motivation and involvement in the learning process. Most importantly though, students will enjoy every step of the way and will constantly be looking forward to new learning modules.

The 5th annual International Conference in the Field of New Educational Technologies, #EdCrunch-2018, will be held in Moscow. The main topic is “Data That Transform”, and the conference will be devoted to modern research and practical solutions in the field of big data in education. Every angle of the issue will be discussed, from methods of collecting and analyzing educational statistics to the use of blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence in the educational process.

#EdCrunch-2018 is being held as part of the implementation of the “Modern Digital Educational Environment in the Russian Federation” priority project. The 5th annual International Conference in the Field of New Educational Technologies, #EdCrunch-2018 will be held by NUST MISIS and the National Technology Initiative University 20.35 with the support of the Ministry of Science & Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Rybakov Fund, the HSE Institute of Education, Arizona State University, and the global edtech platform HolonIQ.

#EdCrunch-2018’s guests will learn more during the specialized tracks, which cover more than 15 areas in the field of education, including: “Children and Technologies”, “Digital School”, “Digital University”, “New Technologies and Analytics in Corporate Training”, and “EdCrunch Startups: Sales and Marketing”. Guests will also have the opportunity to attend the EdTech Alley, an exhibition of technologies and technological solutions in the educational sphere. More than 300 international and Russian speakers — world-renowned specialists in the fields of online learning, educational analytics, school and preschool pedagogy, corporate education, HR, and educational IT solutions — will give speeches during the event.