XXIII International Scientific Symposium Within “Week of Miner-2015”

On January 27, the NUST MISIS Mining College held a plenary session of the 23rd International Scientific Symposium, during which the representatives from the Ministry of Energy, the staff of the Russian Academy of Science, and leading Russian experts discussed current issues and trends in the development of mining and metallurgical and energy industries.

The symposium, which will last until January 30, will be attended by more than 950 Russian and foreign experts from 21 countries, including Egypt, China, Germany, Hungary, and Mongolia. As part of the “Week of Miner” 1 200 reports in various fields will be presented on 32 seminars and round tables. The exposition of the 26 leading companies in the mining industry and specialized publications is a part of this event.

Opening the plenary session, Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS, emphasized the need for close cooperation between the academic community and representatives of business structures for the development of the mining and energy industries.

Deputy Minister of Energy Mr. Janowski in his speech outlined the prospects of Russia as one of the world’s largest exporters of energy resources and the role of NUST MISIS as a supplier of personnel for the leading companies in the industry.

“Excessive consumption of modern economies has led to the global crisis of 2015, which was predicted by leading Russian scientists two years ago. Today, global energy consumption is already 12% higher than the best, ” said in his report Mr. Puchkov, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Center for Strategic Studies of the NUST MISIS Mining College. In his presentation he talked about his developed methods of forecasting the global energy consumption and voiced optimal consumption, which would exclude the possibility of the potential onset of the crisis.

The presentation also was made by Valery Zakharov, Director of the Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources (RAS), who told about new challenges and directions of development of mining science while maintaining the Earth’s interior, and Aleksey Gvishiani, Director of the Geophysical Center (RAS), who explained the phenomenon of science geoinformatics.

“Week of the miner” is one of the key mining events. The event demonstrates the potential of the Russian and global mining sciences and presents new guidelines on technical improvement of production.