Breakthrough Researches, Effective Fundraising and Tutoring

From 29 September to 2 October, 2015, NUST MISIS hosted the Fourth Meeting of the International Scientific Advisory Council with participation of the world`s leading scientists from Cambridge, Stanford, Technion and other world-class centers for research and education. The international science experts have suggested emphasizing on breakthrough researches, effective fundraising and tutoring.

“NUST MISIS leaders do their best to strengthen the university`s positions in the rankings and we are all amazed by the administration`s enthusiasm and energy”, summarized Lindsay Greer, the member of NUST MISIS International Scientific Advisory Council (University of Cambridge, UK).

The International Scientific Advisory Council members have emphasized the English language program at NUST MISIS. The university has developed not only qualitative academic databases, but also effective methods of teaching assessment by students. These methods allow achieving the proficient level of teaching corresponding to the international standards and requirements. “NUST MISIS can offer this unique academic model not only to Russian educational centers, but also international”, said Lindsay Greer, the member of NUST MISIS International Scientific Advisory Council (University of Cambridge, UK).

NUST MISIS International Scientific Advisory Council has suggested the participation of all members of the academic process in the science activities. The world leading scientists have highly valued the Endowment fund work directed to the long-term relations with students, alumni and business entities. To make the students and professors understand what their role in NUST MISIS development is they are recommended to work together from the 1st year to the post-graduate studies. That would bring to the development of tutoring.

“The round-tables, meetings with students, lectures and experts` appraisal of NUST MISIS activities with participation of the world-leading scientists is an invaluable contribution to the university`s development. I do believe that the International Scientific Advisory Council`s activities have encouraged the university`s progress in the global scientific and educational spheres. The entrance to the THE World University Rankings and the strengthening of the university`s positions in QS World University Rankings have proved that fact”, said Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS.

Information about The International Scientific Advisory Council

The International Scientific Advisory Council (ISAC) was established at NUST MISIS in 2013. The project was launched within the framework of strategic initiatives of the Program to Increase the Competitiveness of NUST MISIS among the world leading scientific educational centers.

The ISAC is a continually functioning, consultative and collegial body established for the purpose of bringing together the best international experience and expertise, of insuring thorough scientific analysis and preparing proposals for the NUST MISIS administration to make informed decisions on major questions of strategic development of NUST MISIS, research, innovation and learning.

Professor of Materials Science Lindsay Greer (University of Cambridge, UK), director of the Center for Advanced Pediatric and Perinatal Education Louis Halamek (Stanford University, United States), professor of Materials Science and Metallurgy, director of SKF Steel Technology Center Harry Bhadeshia (University of Cambridge, UK) and many other world leading scientists are the ISAC members.