NUST MISiS Technology transfer center (TTC)

The purpose of the Technology transfer center is developing a system for solving scientific and technical problems of industry, forming a sustainable and effective collaboration model between science and industry for the innovative development of Russian and foreign enterprises.

TTC’s primary activities are aimed at:

  • identification of problem areas of potential industrial partners;
  • formation of mutual interest cooperation areas;
  • holding scientific and technical seminars and innovation sessions aimed at finding possible technological solutions in the problem areas of industrial partners;
  • formation and approval of joint plans of scientific and technical cooperation for the near-term (1 year) and medium-term (3 — 5 years) perspective;
  • demonstration of available research infrastructure to conduct research for the benefit of industrial partners.

Formation of new technological solutions for industrial companies requires interdisciplinary and cross-product competencies of NUST MISIS partners such as other universities, industry partners, startups and other. In this regard, the TTC activity is also aimed at the development of the technology transfer centers network (TTC Network) as a multi-center between science and industry.

Participation in the partner TTC Network opens access to the technological requests of companies, including in the format of scientific and technical seminars with industrial partners organized for the TTC Network participants.

NUST MISIS developments available for commercialization are presented on the MISIS Open Innovations Platform.