Cooperation and Partnership

NUST MISIS currently enjoys close cooperation with a number of educational and industrial partners, and it is working to develop these ties by identifying new opportunities for mutually beneficial projects. At the same time, MISIS is pursuing new relations with institutes, universities and private companies that share the university’s commitment to the collaborative process.

The university has secured international partners both in neighboring countries and on distant continents. Its trans-Atlantic ties are well-developed, and during the past two decades, MISIS has worked in the U.S. with Iowa State University of Science and Technology, University of Northern Iowa, and Colorado School of Mines.

Recognizing the vital role of the English language in global communication, MISIS signed an agreement with Cambridge University Press with the objective of improving English teaching at both graduate and undergraduate levels. Under this agreement, all MISIS undergraduate students are now acquiring English through a specially-conceived blended-learning curriculum. The goal of the program is to raise the linguistic competence of MISIS students so that they can communicate freely with their international peers and develop joint scientific projects.

As part of its language learning initiative, MISIS signed a memorandum of understanding with Cambridge University, whose Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy and Language Learning Center jointly developed a professional development course for MISIS faculty. This program is designed to improve the English language skills of the university’s teaching staff and to help them explore contemporary approaches in teaching master’s level engineering courses in English.

The twenty-first century offers both opportunities and challenges, and they will be met through the close collaboration of international partners. In this effort, MISIS is ideally positioned to lead the way.

Our partner universities with implemented academic mobility programs:


  • Technical University “Freiberg Mining Academy”
  • Technical University of Dresden
  • Technical University of Ilmenau
  • Higher Technical School of Bochum of George Agricola
  • The University of Applied Sciences of Neu-Ulm


  • Polytechnic University Of Valencia


  • University of Rome tor Vergata


  • Eurasian National Universityof L. N. Gumilev
  • Kazakh National University of Al-Farabi
  • Kazakh National University of K. I. Satpayev
  • Karaganda State Technical University
  • East Kazakhstan State Technical University of D. Serikbayev


  • Harbin Polytechnic University


  • Kyrgyz State Technical University of I. Razzakov


  • Wroclaw Polytechnic University
  • Krakow Mining and Metallurgical Academy


  • University Of Aveiro


  • University Of Wisconsin-Stout
  • The University of Texas at Dallas


  • HAMK University of Applied Sciences


  • Higher European School of Materials Engineering University of Lorraine
  • Higher Institute of Administration and Management, University of Lorraine
  • St. Etienne National School of Engineering


  • Ostrava Technical University


  • University Of Johannesburg
  • Capetown University