Program Management Committee

The Program Management Committee is the project management collegial body.

The Management Committee is comprised of the university Rector, Vice-Rectors, Project Management Office Director (PMО), Head of Strategic Development Department, and Head of Financial and Economic Department. The Management Committee approves of the project portfolio director and project leader candidates, as well as project passports and project calendar and budget plans, Program activity status reports and project modifications (budget, time, resources), and accepts and approves project results.

The Program Management Committee holds its meetings on a regular basis. Its decisions are approved by general consensus of its participants and are recorded as minutes binding for the project leaders.

Upon a project completion the Management Committee examines the project report to identify its information accuracy and completeness, аnd makes decisions about the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) attainment, and the project completion or prolongation.

Alevtina A. Chernikova

Rector of the National University of Science and Technology MISIS

Rector’s Office:

+7 499 237-22-22, +7 495 638-44-34

Fax: +7 495 959-98-65

Room: Б-602

Mikhail R. Filonov

Vice-Rector of Research and Development

+7 499 237-22-25 (int. 40-17)

Igor M. Isaev

First Vice Executive Rector

+7 495 638-45-91

Vadim L. Petrov

Vice-Rector of Educational Affairs

+7 499 237-30-02

Timothy E. O’Connor

Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs

+7 499 236-81-52 (внутр. 40-15)

Irina A. Evsyukova

Project Management Office Director

+7 495 647-60-21

Galina V. Timokhova

Head of Financial and Economic Department

+7 499 237-85-84

Valery N. Prokudin

Head of IT Department

+7 495 638-44-94