Elements of the brand-platform of the university, brand style usage guide, templates for using the most common tools and other essential information are represented on this page.

The updated visual language is based on the recognizable brand identity. The decision to go down the path of evolution, rather than revolution, was made based on the university’s glorious history, as well as it’s significant role in the country’s key projects. The new brand style is more modern and relevant, as well as consistent with the updated brand’s idea, uniting dreamers and creators of the future.

Brand’s platform


The university’s new positioning reflects values and beliefs held by the generations of students, professors, scientists and employees of NUST MISIS: creating the future, making the world better, acting boldly, working together and thinking globally.

Brand’s mission

To create innovations and innovators, creating a basis for progress and happy future as well.

Brand’s values

Creating the future

New materials and technologies development is impossible without constant scientific inquiry and creativity. Thinking outside the box, unexpected insights and bright emotions, all of it feeding the researcher — these are exactly the elements from which the effective decisions of today, changing tomorrow, are built.

Making the world better

We do not make discoveries for discovering itself and do not create innovations for the sake of creating them. We are working on the “applied future” as opposed to pure theories. Our job is to create, implement and apply new materials and technologies, forming the basis for a better future for humanity.

Working together

We understand that it’s impossible to find the correct approach to creating sustainable growth and a better future for our planet working individually, and that is the reason we are always open to partnerships with individuals and teams that are committed to changing the world for the better. We are ready to work on ambitious projects together.

Thinking globally

The future demands global worldview. We consider our daily toil aimed at creating, implementing and applying new ideas and technologies as a part of global scientific and technological progress. MISIS University is one of the leading centers of science and technology, integrated into the global scientific agenda.

Acting boldly

Breakthrough discoveries, as well as creating and implementing something new requires bravery. When we believe in what we do, we are unstoppable. We experiment, search for new paths, approaches and methods and we find them, we never despair and always start anew when the results leave much to be desired.


MISIS University is not just a scientific and educational center of a new format. It’s a whole world uniting students, scientists, professors and employees, academic and business partners of the university, its graduates, sharing one worldview, goal and desire to create a stable future for humanity and our planet.

Logotypes and brand style

Spelling rules for MISIS


Basic logotype on light background

Basic logotype on dark background

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Logo with full descriptor on light background

Logo with full descriptor on dark background

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Basic logotype on light background

Basic logotype on dark background

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Logotype with full descriptor on light background

Logotype with full descriptor on dark background

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Rules of Use

Rules for using the new University brand are described in the “Brand Book”.

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Example of a co-branding block.

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Main color palette

Presentation template

For presentation materials, use a ready-made template with the new design.

Presentation template (pptх) (9 MB)

Presentation template (keynote) (8.4 MB)


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