The Research and Educational Center of Biomedical Engineering was established in December 2020.

The global challenge facing the REC Bioengineering is to close the gap between the need and the availability of medical supplies based on the advanced development of bioengineering and biomaterial science to improve the quality of human life.

The strategic goal is to create scientific and technological foundations for the development of biomedical engineering and biomaterial science, involving the introduction of bioengineering technologies, the integrated use of renewable raw materials and bio-waste, the expansion of the range of biomedical products and the development of new materials for medical devices with enhanced characteristics through the use of new effects and technological methods of formation at various dimensional levels of architecture, given the structural features of biological objects.

Research tasks
  • Conducting problem-oriented research and development of technologies in the fields of tissue engineering, biomaterial science, cellular and proteomic technologies, genetic engineering, bioprinting of tissues and organs.
  • Development of theoretical and engineering solutions for the creation of biomaterials and a wide range of devices for medicine.
  • Conducting fundamental research in the field of biomaterial science, bioengineering and genetic engineering, cell technologies.
Educational tasks
  • Implementation of educational programs in the field of biotechnology and medical materials.
  • Creation of educational courses on modern methods of research and development of medical devices in the field of biotechnology and medical materials.
  • Expansion of the capabilities of NUST MISIS in the most relevant fields of knowledge through research work of students, postgraduates and young scientists at the modern scientific level.
The main directions of research:
  • Tissue engineering;
  • 3D bioprinting;
  • Bioimplants;
  • Cellular and proteomic technologies;
  • Genetic engineering;
  • Biomimetics;
  • Intelligent biomaterials and devices;
  • The use of renewable raw materials and bio-waste.