Basic Information about the Center
The center was established in 2009 in the context of such top-priority area of research, as the rational use of natural resources technologies, based on the Interdepartmental Laboratory of Resource-Saving Minerals Processing Technologies that, in turn, was created as part of the national “Education” project. The center operates due to interaction of structural units of the institute — the Department of Minerals Preparation and the Laboratory of Technology Examination.

Activity of the Center
The primary areas of research of the Research Center of Resource-Saving Minerals Processing Technologies are listed below:

  • developing ways of intensifying the basic enrichment processes: disintegration, gravitation, magnetic and electric separation, flotation;
  • creating new resource-saving technologies of processing natural man-made minerals;
    • developing dry preparation methods;
    • developing preliminary preparation methods;
    • developing resource-saving technologies of processing massive copper-zinc-gold ores;
    • developing technologies of comprehensive utilization of iron-bearing man-induced raw materials, and
    • developing ways of fine-grained gold recovery, and
  • developing rational complexes of technological solutions for rational subsoil uses (increasing the depth of minerals processing, improving the quality of concentrates, reducing losses, optimizing technological processes) for specific facilities.
Dmitriy Abryutin
Head of center

+7 495 648-45-14