Basic Information about the Center
The Scientific and Educational Center of Innovative Metallurgical Technologies was created in 2011 to establish a large laboratory metallurgical cluster for dealing with scientific and educational matters in the area of metallurgy and industrial ecology.

The center integrated the equipment and personnel of interdepartmental laboratories of ferrous metallurgy, analytical control and thermotechnical measurements in metallurgy created in the context of the innovative educational “Quality. Knowledge. Competence.” program (2006).

Specialists of the center developed a series of barbotage technologies (“MISiS Process”). These technologies are designed for effectively processing a wide spectrum of natural and man-made materials, including industrial and household waste, as well as gasification of a vast range of coals, including coal enrichment waste, etc. In 2017, the center, jointly with OOO PK Vroraluminprodukt, OOO PK METPROM and OOO Energoterm Sistema, performed design and installation works for a pilot permanent magnet unit 1 in Mtsensk of the Orlov region.

Activity of the Center
The primary areas of focus of the center are as follows:

  • development of the theoretical basics of the technology of solid-phase processes of baking, oxidation and recovery of oxide systems;
  • development of the theoretical basics of the technology of high-temperature liquid-phase recovery and division of complex ores per elements;
  • creation of new (alternative) metallurgical technologies allowing to effectively process complex and poor ores with the extraction of all valuable components;
  • development of new technologies of gas-generation from renewable natural hydrocarbon resources;
  • elaboration of waste-free technologies of disposing of man-made and household waste, and
  • development, studies and integration of tools to control the temperature and composition into industrial practices of metallurgy and mechanical engineering.

The center offers the options of conducting the thermal and chemical analysis of inorganic materials, calibration of temperature-measuring devices, and of performing pilot melting operations of iron-bearing materials using the pilot unit of the liquid-phase furnace of the barbotage type.

Gennadiy Podgorodetskiy
Head of center

+7 495 955-00-22