Basic Information about the Laboratory:
The laboratory is primarily focused on developing the technology of generating graphene/piezoelectric structures possessing powerful characteristics of strengthening surface acoustic waves (SAW) by the flow of electrons in graphene, the substantiation of the principles of SAW strengthening for acoustic scanning and setting up a new laboratory for the above under the guidance of the key scientist.

Activities of the Laboratory:
The Laboratory of Functional Low-Dimensional Structures of NUST MISiS will create the basics of the technology of obtaining SAW structures of graphene/piezoelectric. The expected study will entail a theoretical analysis of the effect of strengthening SAW structures of graphene/piezoelectric, their spatial design, theoretical and experimental research of the process of obtaining high-degree graphene monolayers of over 10 micron. The project will cover theoretical and experimental studies of SAW generators based on graphene/piezoelectric structures.

Such studies are unprecedented throughout the world and are performed to obtain new highly significant findings. The results and the technology of creating a new type of SAW generators will become a foundation for extensive innovations, in particular, in the area of developing a brand new class of high-tech electroacoustic devices. Involvement in innovative activities is expected to be both on account of creating sections of manufacturing devices inside NUST MISiS, as well as of establishing small enterprises with the participation of NUST MISiS.

The research directed at developing the method of using graphene for strengthening surface acoustic waves is promising but is still in its infancy. The available expertise is not sufficient for creating working elements and devices on SAW structures; it is required to carry out fundamental and applied works, such as:

  • to develop a mathematical functional model of graphene/piezoelectric structures for calculating electroacoustic parameters of the structure;
  • to develop the technology of generating graphene/piezoelectric structures on various bases and carry out a comparative analysis;
  • to perform materials tests of graphene/piezoelectric structures;
  • to develop the methodology of creating a generator of surface acoustic waves on the surface of a piezocrystal covered with a small number of graphene layers;
  • to study generator’s SAW characteristics based on graphene/piezoelectric structures;
  • to generate graphene/piezoelectric structures on bidomain layers and examine the impact of bending deformation on the characteristics of transmitting charge carriers in graphene films;
  • to analyze performance of generator SAW created on bases with changing radius of curve, and
  • to develop and substantiate the principles of SAW strengthening in structures to use the same as working elements of precision acoustic scanning generators.
Sergey Morozov
Head of laboratory

+7 499 236-88-45