Basic Information about the Laboratory:
The Interdepartmental Academic and Testing Laboratory of Semi-Conductor Materials and Dielectrics was created as part of completing the innovative educational program entitled “Quality. Knowledge. Competency.” based on the Academic and Testing Laboratory of Monocrystals and Related Half-Finished Products (TLMHFP) in 2001.

In 2001, TLMHFP was accredited by the Association of Analytical Centers “Analytics” (accreditation authority) that is a fully-fledged member and participant of the ILAC and APLAC Mutual Recognition Agreement (certificate No. ААС.А.00038) and is annually under inspection controls and regular re-accreditations every 5 years. The most recent accreditation took place in February 2015 with the accreditation certificate valid until February 6, 2020.

In 2012, the above Analytics Association nominated TLMHFP to the Silver Mole award as the best laboratory of the year and issued the certificate of the best laboratory of the year nominee at the annual meeting of the Analytics Association.

TLMHFP performs tests with the use of attested measurement procedures, tested equipment and standard quality control samples.

Test results are provided to clients in the form of test protocols sealed by the laboratory with the enclosed bundle of test record sheets per each type of measurement.

Activities of the Laboratory

  • performing researches in accordance with the area of accreditation;
  • metrological supervision of measuring optical parameters of dielectric and semi-conductor materials, including the development of new and optimizing previously attested measurement procedures, elaboration and attestation of standard quality control samples;
  • preparation of technical regulations governing research operations and obtaining accurate information about the parameters and features of tested items, and
  • R&D works in the following fields of study: fundamental problems in materials science and defect formation in dielectric and semi-conductor materials; topical practical issues related to obtaining and post-growth treatment of dielectric and semi-conductor materials; application of dielectric materials as elements of managing laser rays, filters on surface and volume acoustic waves, detectors of high-energy particles, sensors of various physical values and high-temperature piezosensors.

The area of accreditation of the testing laboratory includes:

  • determination of properties of materials, powders and half-finished products based thereon, and
  • measuring physical dimensions of half-finished products.

The basic test units in accordance with the area of accreditation are:

  • optical materials for active laser elements, elements for generating and transforming laser emission and transmission optics;
  • acoustooptic materials;
  • powder materials;
  • electrooptic materials and half-finished products therefrom, and
  • half-finished products for micro- and nanelectronics items.

TLMHFP is the first laboratory that is independent from manufacturers and consumers and is the only laboratory in Russia with such accreditation.

Nina Kozlova
Head of laboratory

+7 495 638-45-60