Basic Information about the Laboratory:
The Interdepartmental Laboratory of Nanomaterials was created in 2006 as part of implementing the national project entitled “Education” based on the departments of high-temperatures processes, materials and diamonds, physical chemistry, metal science and physics of strength and physical materials science.

Activities of the Laboratory
The primary focus of the laboratory is to tackle materials science tasks related to the development of new materials and technologies in the sphere of nanomaterials and composites based on metals, ceramics and polymers and to obtain items therefrom in accordance with top-priority areas of the development of science and technology.

Its areas of accreditation include: non-ferrous metals and their alloys (determining the Rockwell hardness number using scales and determining the mesh (number)); steels and alloys (determining the Rockwell hardness number using scales, determining the mesh (number), determining non-metallic inclusions (number), determining the key elements of the structure and their correlation (number)).

Yuri Sazonov
Head of laboratory

+7 495 638-46-20