The laboratory was established in 2020 in otder to conduct research in the field of “Superconductive hybrid systems for alternative post-silicon electronics elements, such as spintronics, magnonics and quantum and neuromorphic systems”, as part of fulfilling a state order for NUST MISIS.

Activities of the Laboratory

The laboratory’s work is aimed at the formation of physical basis for the development of perspective classes of fundamentally new elements and devices of post-silicon cryogenic electronics based on superconducting and hybrid thin-film micro- and nano-structures and operating in DC and microwave ranges. New devices will be developed based on superconducting and hybrid structures functioning on the principles of coherence, quantum superposition and constructive hybridization of subsystems of superconducting and magnetic orders.

The primary objectives of the laboratory are:

  • conducting fundamental research and conceptual development in the field of superconducting and magnetic systems, as well as hybrid systems and micro- and nano-structures;
  • conducting fundamental research in the field of microwave electronics;
  • engaging students, postgraduates and young scientists in cutting-edge research.