MISIS Catalysis Lab is a joint research laboratory established by NUST MISIS together with G.K. Boreskov’s Catalysis Institute of SB RAS (based in Novosibirsk).

Activities of the Laboratory

The laboratory was established to solve practical problems in the fields of chemical synthesis, industrial catalysis and additive technologies, as well as fulfill following projects:

  • state order № 075-00268-20-02 (id number: 0718-2020-0040) “Complex processing of hydrocarbons with the goal of producing hydrogen-containing gases and precursors of composite materials for additive manufacturing”;
  • financial aid grant of the President of the Russian Federation for Science Schools НШ-2513.2020.8 “Combustion of the multi-component energy systems of natural and technogenic origin”;
  • Russian Science Foundation project № 19-79- 30025 “Development of scientific and technological foundations for designing aluminium matrix composites and their manufacturing by additive laser methods for industrial applications”.

MISIS Catalysis Lab conducts research in the following fields:

  • multi-component energy systems of natural and technogenic origin;
  • technologies for catalytic processing of hydrocarbons, technogenic waste, natural and associated petroleum gasses and production of carbon nanomaterials;
  • materials and technical solutions for additive manufacturing of metal and metal-containing products;
  • metal matrix composite materials based on light metals and alloys;
  • technologies for production of oxygen-containing compounds of aluminium and other light metals;
  • optimization and improvement of classic industrial catalysis technologies, light metals metallurgy and chemical industry.