Second Language Teaching and Pedagogical Design in Digital Environments

The program is aimed at training experts who will create and implement innovative educational products in the context of digitalization of education. Program graduates will be able to teach Russian and/or English using intelligent technologies, design learning materials and conduct an expert evaluation of learning programs and materials in a digital environment. While on the program, students are immersed in the digital learning environment with a day-to-day application of digital tools and technologies.

of study

120 ECTS Full-time mode


Major # №45.04.02

Examination content

Tuition fee 225 000 rubles/year

Minimal entrance exam score — 40 points

Head of the program

Ekaterina Shchaveleva

PhD, associate professor

+7 916 927-73-05

International Students Services

Svetlana V. Dubrovskaya

Head of the International Students Services

+7 499 230-24-09


The program is aimed at training specialists in the field of pedagogical design and creating learning materials in a digital environment based on a competency-based approach. It integrates advanced digital learning media and tools including MOOCs, blended learning, flipped classroom, immersive learning using augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR). You will receive assortment of opportunities to choose a professional trajectory while participating in semester projects. Students are English-speaking international learning environment and Study visits to partner companies and organizations.


courses in linguistics, intercultural communication, foreign language teaching, graphic design and personal efficiency.

Research project is a continuous process lasting through the whole period of study. It is based on three stages:

  • identifying target audience (feature description);
  • online course analysis;
  • course design.

Fundamental training via core and required courses:

  • Theories of Intercultural Communication
  • General Linguistics
  • Quantitative Linguistics
  • Academic Research and Writing
  • Lifelong Learning and Personal Efficiency
  • Public Speaking
  • Methods and Techniques for Language Teaching
  • Learning Theory and Language Acquisition
  • Assessment Methods and Design
  • Graphic Design and Media Production
  • Special Education
  • E-learning Ecologies
  • Optional courses are offered in addition to the core curriculum*:
  • Intensive Russian
  • Russian History & Culture
  • Contemporary European and Russian Literature
  • Preparation for TKT (Teacher Knowledge Test), etc.
  • *Optional courses are provided at additional fee.


elective disciplines enable students to tailor the program to their needs

English Language Structure

Text Theory (English)

Material Design in Digital Environment (English)

Gamification and Game-Based Learning

Course Design in Digital Environment (English)

English Language Awareness

Russian Language Structure

Text Theory (Russian)

Material Design in Digital Environment (Russian)

Learner-Centered Environment

Course Design in Digital Environment (Russian)

Russian Language Awareness

Research supervisors

Ekaterina Shchaveleva

PhD, associate professor

Majors: Course design, Online learning

Supervision Plan: 1-2 students per year

+7 916 927-73-05

Polina Ermakova

PhD, Associate professor

Majors: Human Studies and Sociology of Language

Supervision Plan: 1-2 students per year

Irina Malova

PhD, Associate professor

Majors: Second Language Acquisition, TESOL and Bilingualism

Supervision Plan: 1-2 students per year



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