Communications and International Public Relations

The program is designed to train specialists in the following areas: effective communication strategies in contemporary media, PR technologies and promotion of scientific innovations, products and technologies, strategic marketing and business planning, interaction with business, government and international organizations. A multidisciplinary approach applied in the program makes it possible to combine various professional areas. The program includes tailor-made practical modules and internship courses designed to help our students gain an insight into current professional realities and secure a future job with top communication and media agencies, public institutions as well as profit and non-profit organizations.

of study

120 ECTS Full-time mode


Major # №45.04.02

Examination content

Tuition fee 225 000 rubles/year (relevant for 2019/20)

Minimal entrance exam score — 40 points

Head of the program

Lilia Bondareva

PhD, Head of Department of Modern Languages and Communication

+ 7 495 955-00-51

International Students Services

Svetlana V. Dubrovskaya

Head of the International Students Services

+7 499 230-24-09


We apply the principle of peer learning and collaborative project work on the program. The practical modules and internship support add to the competitive advantage. Study visits to partner companies and organizations are integrated in the curriculum.

We also enjoy a diverse international community and a variety of students’ backgrounds.


courses in intercultural communication, communication management, strategic marketing, branding, copywriting, etc.

Research projects are dedicated to creating and defending marketing campaigns/strategies.

They are often related to the internship projects and students’ involvement in practical modules. Research projects include an analysis of communication strategy of a partner company, presentation of strategy, implementation of strategy and presentation of results. The defense committee consists of faculty members and invited experts from partner companies.

Fundamental training via core and required courses:

  • Theories of Intercultural Communication
  • General Linguistics
  • Quantitative Linguistics
  • Academic Research and Writing
  • Lifelong Learning and Personal Efficiency
  • Public Speaking
  • Corporate Communication
  • Communication Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Research and Efficiency Evaluation in Public Relations
  • Relations Methodology in Industry
  • Communication for Innovation


elective modules enable students to tailor the program to their needs

Modern Press Office

Text Theory (English)

Corporate Culture

International Law


English Language Awareness


Strategic Management

Political Communications

International Relations

Digital Communication

Russian Language Awareness

Research supervisors

Lilia Bondareva

PhD, Head of Department of Modern Languages and Communication

Majors: International Relations and Communications

Supervision Plan: 1-2 students per year

+ 7 495 955-00-51

Liudmila Minaeva

Professor, PhD and Doctor of Philology

Majors: English philology, speech communication, communication management, public relations

Supervision Plan: 1-2 students per year

Natalya Sukhova

PhD, Associate professor

Majors: English linguistics (phonetics), nonverbal semiotics, cognitive sciences, multimodal discourse and English language teaching methods

Supervision Plan: 1-2 students per year

Polina Ermakova

PhD, Associate professor

Majors: Human Studies and Sociology of Language

Supervision Plan: 1-2 students per year



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