This major features a unique inter-disciplinary approach to help our graduates attain expert knowledge both in linguistics and modern technologies. They are employed by leading research/learning centers and international companies in the fields of staff development, corporate education and public relations.

4 years of study

Full-time education in Russian

College of Basic Professional Studies

Major # 45.03.02


Theory and Methods of Foreign Language and Culture Teaching

Students study languages, culture and history of various countries and nations; receive the skills of cross-cultural communication; develop both traditional and modern approaches to teaching. Program graduates have professional competencies in the field of setting up the learning process based on international professional standards and trends prevailing within the global learning space.

Translation and Interpretation Studies

The program aims to train professionals in the field of oral and written sci-tech translation that includes training of memorizing, concentration and stress-resistance techniques. Education content is built around modern labor market demands. Program graduates are familiar with the structure of translation and interpretation companies, may work as translators, proof-readers and editors; perform consecutive interpretation and sight translation. The program competitive edge is learning of the translation automation techniques.