Information Systems and Technologies

Our graduates are highly qualified specialists in information technology and system design and implementation, engineering and big data analysis targeting the solution of enterprise and company digital transformation. Students master the professional competencies laying foundation for their successful employment and fast carrier advancement as engineers and experts on the IT labor market.

2 years of study

Full-time education in Russian

Major # 09.04.02
Information Systems and Technologies


Big Data Ecosystems for Digital Transformation

This program combines modern learning methods and best business practices and trains big data analysts for various branches of economy. The learning process is primarily built upon a project approach; students study data science technologies based on real life business cases thus acquiring a vast portfolio of competencies for their further industrial employment. The program focuses on various methods of data collection, analysis and visualization that entails setting up hypothesis for altering the set parameters in various subject areas: solving experimental materials science cases, new material design, optimal managerial solutions in banking, etc. Our graduates are employed by largest Russian and international companies and banks.

Implementation of Sophisticated Digital Systems Based on Integrated IT-Solutions

Main industrial challenges in business process optimization and digital transformation call for a systemic approach. So, IT-experts capable to efficiently analyze the data, reveal problems and propose new solutions for business, are truly unique. This program sets a number of competencies required for corporate IT-system implementation: company business process description, tackling the problem, development of an IT-solution for implementation and its further support. The curriculum includes real life case studies helping students to develop innovative thinking they will need to implement creative solutions based on intellectual technologies. Program comprehensive profile allows its graduates become project managers at international and Russian companies in a variety of fields, from industry to banking, etc.