Technological Machines & Equipment

Engineering advancement is based on vast application and implementation of innovation equipment for the purpose of upgrading various engineering processes including science-based ones, making them cost-effective, accessible and more productive. The program is based on acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical skills in increasing the efficiency of the engineering processes, development and implementation of new technologies based on environmental and safety requirements. Our graduates possess various skills in high demand on the labor market in the age of economy of knowledge and digital production.

2 years of study

Full-time education in Russian

Major # 15.04.02
Technological Machines & Equipment


Mining and Transport Machine Engineering

Engineers focusing on mining and transport machine design and operation need to provide for the production equipment high reliability and durability; reduce the maintenance and overhaul time; increase the equipment efficiency and safety at every life-cycle stage. Their main objective is to ensure the sustainable development of mining enterprises and industry as such. Our graduates possess knowledge and skills necessary for the research, design and development of the latest mining and transport equipment; they are capable to forecast its operation in any harsh environment in order to reveal timely and eliminate any possible faults; prevent production emergencies and develop efficient operation strategies.

Mining and Transport Machine Manufacturing and Renovation

This program trains professionals to solve problems urgent for the engineering enterprises such as an acceleration of production cycle, reduction of product cost-efficiency, an increase of product market competitiveness, an efficient use of financial and power resources, and setting up a reliable system of the production equipment maintenance and overhaul including mining and transport machines. Program graduates are capable to develop highly efficient engineering processes using the automated design systems; timely reveal and eliminate possible faults in the equipment operation; prevent the equipment failures and emergency situations, and develop modern equipment renovation technologies.