Tuition and Fees


Tuition fees for the International Master Programs in English at NUST MISIS — 253,000 — 343,900 rubles/year, depending on the program.

Contract (210.1 KB).

Estimated Living Expenses

Moscow can be an expensive city, but the University tries to minimize these costs by providing high- quality, low-cost housing and readily available and relatively inexpensive on-campus dining options. How much you spend ultimately depends on your lifestyle, but below is an approximate amount that you may want to consider when you are creating your budgets.

Housing in Residence Hall

The monthly residence hall fee depends on which residence hall you have been assigned to and whether you are a government-sponsored scholarship student. We have listed just a range below to give you the approximate fees

Double room: 3300 rubles/month

Medical insurance

8500 rubles/year— This fee is paid only once per year upon arrival/start of classes at the university each fall.

International students are required to have a medical insurance plan covering the entire period of their study. This can be provided by an insurance company in your own country (yet make sure that the company is on the list of the insurance agencies recommended by the Russian Consulate/Embassy — information you can ask from the Russian Consulate/Embassy in your home country) or by a Russian insurance company.

MISIS is happy to assist you in finding adequate medical insurance coverage with a Russian insurance company. Yet please know that you will still need to have a medical insurance plan provided by an insurance company from your country to cover at least the first 14 working days upon entry into the country while we arrange your insurance plan with a Russian insurance company.

To provide reliable insurance coverage for its students, MISIS cooperates with several Russian insurance companies that offer adequate insurance plans for our students at an exclusive, reduced price. In case of an illness, students will be treated at most recognized medical institutions in the city located in close vicinity to the University academic and residential buildings.

All MISIS academic and residential buildings have medical centers (including dental care).

Public Transportation

Unlimited monthly metro pass for students in Moscow costs 380 rub/month. Unlimited monthly road transport pass costs additional 250 rub/month. This special discount is available only for full-time students of Bachelor’s/Specialist, Master’s and PhD levels only. Please note that it may take up to a couple of months to have the student subsidized applications processed following your official enrollment into MIS&S. While you are waiting for your special student metro card to be issued, you need to pay the general fees to use public transportation. The cost list can be found here.


Internet access for your residence hall room is available ~$10/month (exact rate depends on what speed, etc. you want). This is an optional expense.


This depends entirely on you. If you eat in one of the on-campus cafeterias every day, the cost will range from 250-500 rubles/day or about 7,500–15,000 rubles/month. It is likely cheaper to buy yourself groceries, but if you did eat two meals a day on campus, it would cost you about 500 rubles/day or approximately 15,000 RUB/month.