NUST MISiS Academic Degrees

As part of exercising the right to independently award academic degrees granted to NUST MISiS, the operation model of the NUST MISiS Unified Dissertation Board was drawn up and approved by the Science and Engineering Board and the Academic Board (such model largely makes the procedure of defending dissertations closer to the procedure adopted in European and American universities: a commission made of scientists involved in related researches will be composed to be present at defending the dissertation).

Independently awarding academic degrees allows to significantly reduce the period of examining dissertation papers from the date of submitting an application (from 12-18 months with obtaining a diploma of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles to 5-6 months with obtaining a NUST MISiS diploma) without worsening the quality of expert evaluation thanks to the NUST MISiS personnel and academic potential and the option of engaging the leading global scientists from partnering universities. The implementation of the above model will allow to considerably reduce the bureaucratic load on the applicant within the next 3-5 years, increase the number of dissertations defended, improve the efficiency of postgraduate studies and strengthen the NUST MISiS positioning as a major Russian and global expert academic center in the area of metallurgy, materials science and mining.

Being able to independently award academic degrees, NUST MISiS is actually vested with a number of functions that are currently carried out by the Supreme Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, such as: issue of permits, establishment of dissertation boards (commissions), elaboration of criteria for dissertation papers, expert evaluation and analysis of compliance of dissertations with those criteria, approval of expert opinions in respect of defended dissertations, execution and issue of documents on PhD and doctoral degrees, etc. The above functions will be fulfilled by the NUST MISiS Unified Dissertation Board composed of the University’s key scientists.