6 simple steps to study abroad

  • Learn a new language and culture — Travel broadens the mind
  • Career opportunities — International experience has become key for employers.

First of all, look through the list of our partner universities and choose the most appropriate according to the following criteria:

  • the format of the program (internship, 1 exchange semester or double degree diploma (1 academic year);
  • degree level;
  • field of study;
  • foreign language knowledge.

You need to collect the following documents and send them to the email address study.abroad@misis.ru, and bring the originals to the office G-368 (Leninsky Prospekt, 6, building 3):

  • CV in a foreign language (which will be used for educational process abroad);
  • motivation letter in a foreign language (which will be used for educational process abroad);
  • transcript of records for the last semester translated into English for a bachelor’s or specialty student; translation of a bachelor’s degree for a master’s degree; you need a good or excellent current academic performance (average GPA at least 4.5).
  • certificate that confirms the level of language proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL or a certificate provided by the NUST “MISIS” Educational Language Center; Goethe-Institute certificate for participants of double degree programs in German universities).
Important dates:

The deadline for the application submission for the spring semester is October 20.

The deadline for the application submission for the fall semester is April 20.


Fill in the online form

Fill in the online form and specify all the universities you are interested in (you can choose more than one university).

What happens next?

After submitting all the aforementioned documents to the International Office, they are sent to the foreign partner university for further consideration.


If the host university approves the student’s candidacy to take part in the exchange program, you will be sent an invitation with the exact dates of study. You may need to fill in an online form for some universities, the International Office will advise you on this.

3.Learning Agreement

Before starting their studies in a foreign university, you should prepare an individual curriculum in advance. The coordinator of the host university will send an individual study plan (learning agreement). You will:

  • discuss the study or research plan with the scientific supervisor;
  • prepare a comparative curriculum (compare the curricula at NUST MISIS and the one suggested at the selected university);
  • receive the prepared study plan approval (confirmation of the scientific supervisor or the College department at NUST MISIS);
  • sign the learning agreement by scientific supervisor, head of the College department or College director;
  • sign the learning agreement in International Cooperation and Partnership Division (G-368);
  • send the scanned document to the host university.

Once the learning agreement is approved, you can start collecting documents for the visa.
You can order a confirmation letter about your study at NUST MISIS in Russian and English via your personal account and pick it up in office G-369.

5.Purchase air or\and railway tickets

After obtaining a visa and confirming the accommodation with the coordinator of the host university, you can purchase air or railway tickets.

6.Issuing an order

The following documents should be submitted in advance to International Affairs Office (office G-368) for the successful order issuing:

  • The application for the internship/study abroad (filled in items 1-9 and the signature of the student and the head of the College department);
  • A copy of the invitation from the host educational organization with a translation into Russian. The student makes the translation independently, without certification.

After order registration, the code number and date of the order will appear in the personal account.

Orders for the NUST MISIS scholarship to study abroad are issued only after the registration of the order to study abroad on the same dates.

How much does it cost?

Academic mobility programs are free of charge. NUST MISIS student pays for the flight tickets, accommodation and living in the country of the partner university. However, there is help!

You can apply for the following scholarships:

  • ERASMUS+ scholarship (can be issued only by the host university);
  • Scholarships of the French Government under the Embassy in Russia to study at French universities;
  • Gustave Eiffel scholarship program (applications are submitted by the coordinator of the host French university);
  • other scholarship programs.

To win a scholarship you will need documented achievements (diplomas, certificates, list of publications, etc.) in the field of scientific/academic activity (scientific publications, participation in conferences, etc.).

After your successful study abroad experience you will need to do the following:

Be reinstated for classes in NUST MISIS

After the end of the study period, student/postgraduate must contact the Student Office and fill in an application for admission to classes after studying abroad. A scanned copy of the application must be sent to study.abroad@misis.ru. Based on the application, the International Affairs Office prepares a document about the reinstatement.

Make a credit transfer

You should:

  • apply to the College department for confirmation of the possibility of credit transfer based on a document with grades obtained in a foreign educational organization;
  • submit to the College department the following documents:
  • a copy of the document with the results of exams and tests with translation into Russian. The student makes the transfer independently, without certification.
  • send to study.abroad@misis.ru table with transfer of disciplines.