Alexandra Khvan Chairs MSIT

Alexandra Khvan, Director of the Center “Thermochemistry Materials” NUST MISIS, has been appointed as a chairman of the Russian representation of MSIT (Materials Science International Team) within the 29 International Seminar on Heterogeneous Multicomponent Equilibria, which was held at Ringberg Castle (Bavaria, Germany) 15-20 February 2015.

MSIT is an international community of scientists with high competence in the field of materials science, thermodynamics, and crystallography. Within MSIT there is a wide range of projects in the fields of materials science and related sciences. The team was established in 1984. Over its more than 30 years of existence, the company has analyzed more than 62,000 systems and published a series of six guides to state diagrams that are popular among researchers. MSIT team members are among the most well-known researchers from around the world in the field of phase diagrams.

Alexandra Khvan has been a member of Materials Science International Team since 2010. Currently, MSIT is experiencing a period of reform and development; in addition to the core group, branches are being formed in several countries. They include MSIT Russia, MSIT China, MSIT Africa, MSIT South America, and MSIT Europe. The appointment of regional office chairmen has been done after following the decision of the MSIT President after consultation with leading members of the team.

The responsibilities of the new chair of MSIT Russia include organizing the work of the Russian team, supporting young researchers, coordinating groups within the Russian Federation, and popularizing the field of science among non-specialists (industrial companies, researchers from related fields, etc.).