NUST MISIS Holds Professional Orientation Forum “Digital Jungles” for Schoolchildren

On February 26th, 2017, NUST MISIS became a platform where schoolchildren and students could touch their future with their own hands. The project organizers, Digital Banana, operating through the support of NUST MISIS, held the large-scale event, which attracted 30 companies specializing in innovations in IT, biomedicine, and modeling to attend. The companies presented both their opportunities and needs to the eager students.

More than 1,000 schoolchildren and students from Moscow and the surrounding regions attended the forum, which was called “Digital Jungles”. At the forum, hopeful future specialists learned:

— how to implement the latest IT developments into different fields;

— what specialties and professions are necessary for their creation;

— what the necessary study areas are.

For the day, the schoolchildren became specialists representing such companies as ASUS, ESET, Harbor, and ABBYY. NUST MISIS’s FabLab became the most attractive place for future experts in the field of modeling production processes. During the day participants could build and launch improvised rockets.

A separate area was dedicated to workshops, where children could learn how to assemble computers, create chat-bots, and work on augmented reality projects. A Counter Strike tournament generated a particular amount of excitement among participants.

The lecture and discussion panel was organized for parents. Irina Evsyukoba, the Project Management Office Director, and Gleb Uzunov, the Chairman of the Student Council, spoke about successful services and current trends for career development, as well as the professional self-determination of future graduates.

The Rybakov Foundation, ASUS, and Top 3D Shop were the official partners of the project, while EF became an exclusive partner.