“Metallurgist-3” Takes Rector`s Cup

On April 25th, 2017, the ceremonial closing event of the first Spartakiad of students and staff from NUST MISIS`s student resident hall complexes took place in NUST MISIS’s Commune House conference hall. More than 400 people participated in the event. “Metallurgist-3” was crowned the overall champion of the event.

The Spartakiad was organized through the initiative of the NUST MISIS Student Council and student campus. The competitions were held from February 1st to April 23rd in nine sports: football, volleyball, swimming, ping pong, darts, pull-ups, push-ups, long jumps, and free throw shooting in basketball.

In the overall standings, the “Metallurgist-3” team took first place and claimed the Rector`s Cup, while 2nd place was awarded to the “DSG 5-6” team, and “Miner-1” slotted into 3rd place.
“Today`s event is a big holiday for us! We were looking for new ways to get to know each other and to unite students and resident hall complex administration in friendship. You won`t notice how quickly 4 years of studies flies by. And in the future you will have something to remember about your time at University”, opined Vyacheslav Khvan, the NUST MISIS Vice-Rector of Student Resident Hall Complexes and Relations with CIS Countries.
The evening ended with a concert and a tea party in the dining room of NUST MISIS Commune House.