NUST MISIS Receives Three Medals at “Innova-Barcelona 2017” Exhibition

NUST MISIS participated in the International Exhibition of Innovation “Innova-Barcelona 2017” in Spain, from May 4th-6th, 2017. Three developments from NUST MISIS scientists received medals—two gold and one silver.

The heat-resistant fabric of polymeric fibers and the fabrics made of it received a gold medal and the special award of the Association of Polish Inventors. Authors: Tarasov V.P., Krivolapova O. N., Kozlov I.G., Ivanyus N.V., Borodin S.V.

A joint project by NUST MISIS and the Australian company Endogene-Globetek, “Medical devices with the use of shape memory effect” (“Trawl” and “Clip-Holder”) also won a gold medal and a special award — an honorary diploma from the National Spanish Association of Inventors for the best invention in the field of medicine, which was presented at the exhibition. Authors: Prokoshkin S.D., Khmelevskaya I.Y., Ryklina E.P., Korotitskiy A.V., Suturin M.V.

The development of N.A. Belov and A.N. Alabin, “Heat-resistant alloy based on aluminum and the method of obtaining malformed semi-finished products from it” received a silver medal at “Innova-Barcelona 2017”. This project was also awarded an honorary diploma from the Romanian Association for Nonconventional Technologies.

Innova Salon, which has been held since 1951, is one of Europe’s oldest exhibitions of innovative technologies. Around 300 developments from both scientific & educational institutions and industrial organizations from around Europe and Asia were presented at “Innova-Barcelona 2017”.