NUST MISIS Graduates Receive Certificates of “Testers of Nanogoods”

For the first time, the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs and the Nanosertifika have conducted a certification exam at NUST MISIS — 20 graduates of the University have received specialist certificates for testing nanoindustry products.

Vadim Petrov, Vice-Rector of Educational Affairs at NUST MISIS, and Yury Tkachuk, Head of the Directorate for Standardization at the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, participated in the award ceremony.

“We are interested in our graduates` certification on a regular basis. The recognition of NUST MISIS graduates in a professional environment is the highest mark for the University. This is something we have always strived for and will always strive for in our work”, — said Vadim Petrov.

Additionally, a deal to sign an agreement between NUST MISIS and Nanosertifika was reached. This will allow the university to increase the interest of graduates in getting certification according to the requirements of professional standards in the field of nanotechnology, and the University`s specialized departments will consistently participate in qualification assessments.

“The assessment of knowledge based on professional standards, developed by representatives of leading scientific organizations and industrial enterprises, will help graduates to understand the real requirements employers of innovative industries have when hiring young specialists”, — noted Yury Tkachuk.

Since 2016, the Fund has been implementing a program designed for the development of an evaluation system of qualification in the nanotechnology field. Through this program, the Russian Nanoindustry Association has established four Centers for evaluation of specialists` qualification in the field of nanotechnology.