NUST MISIS and VEB Open Russia`s First Center of Blockchain-Competencies

The grand opening of NUST MISIS and Vnesheconombank’s Center of Blockchain Competencies, Russia`s first specialized expert center for the implementation of blockchain technologies in the field of public administration, recently took place in Moscow.

The center has brought together world-leading experts and Russian practitioners to implement pilot projects on the basis of blockchain technologies in different areas of public administration: from the registration of real estate transactions to monitoring medical supply chains. International companies such as Ethereum, Bitfury, Waves, E&Y, and PwC have become the Center’s first partners and residents. Meetings of government groups working on the implementation of blockchain technologies in Russian public administration, training courses for employers and specialists of state institutions, and international seminars and conferences on blockchain technology will be held on the basis of the Center.

“The blockchain-commune has become a part of the infrastructural support for innovative Russian companies, and it holds a system policy on the formation of personnel potential of the created blockchain industry. We have combined the efforts of interested parties and have created Russia`s first center of competencies for state-owned companies and authorities by forming an ecosystem of innovations. Both Russian developers and world leaders in innovative breakthrough industries are already bringing their skills and best practices [to the center]. We’re participating in the implementation of projects that are bidirectional and have practical value. VEB pilots 6 projects on blockchain technology. In addition, the blockchain communal task is the encouragement of student initiatives connected with the development of new digital products and the creation of technological solutions worthy of Russia`s future economy. Over the past few months we have held major international blockchain hackathons and launched various educational programs, while the VEB Department for Teenagers, which is designed to form practical skills to create new high-tech products among teenagers, has started operating”, said Sergey Gorkov, VEB Chairman.

"The Center of Blockchain-Competencies has been created as part of the strategic partnership between NUST MISIS and Vneshecobombank. Being one of Russia`s leading technological universities, NUST MISIS has the research and development capacity to effectively respond to the business community`s scientific and technological requests in our University’s priority areas. The University`s unique system to continuously train employees for an innovative economy will allow VEB and NUST MISIS to create a real Factory of Innovative Projects, noted Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS.

“Russia is interested in removing infrastructural restrictions of economic growth and innovative development, in formation of a system to train qualified personnel for an innovative economy, the commercialization of breakthrough technologies, and the improvement of the quality of the sectoral and technological expertise of investment projects. VEB, as one of key development institutions, has taken the role of a driver for the implementation of blockchain technologies in corporate and state management by combining efforts of world leaders in the field of blockchain solutions’ development. Russia is becoming an important player in the field of blockchain development in the world”, noted Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Financial Markets.

As part of the commune’s opening ceremony, Vneshecobombank announced its plans for the Laboratory for Social Projects. The Bank will implement programs designed to support the elderly, as well as providing help for sponsored nursing and boarding homes, and hosting charity events. The Laboratory for Social Projects will test and promote advanced technological solutions. These tests will engage more people and organizations in the solution of various social problems.